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Susan Cantillon, Wrenthorpe Village Choir

That wasn't good ...... that was excellent!
Ivor at the Booit Straps, Chapeltown

Martin Robertson: Organisers of Pickering Acoustic Music Club
Thank you so much for last night - ...............
Everyone loved your music, so we're hoping to see you again sometime at The Sun.
Enjoying it all again on your CD at this moment!!
Best wishes,
Martin and Penny

I've just realised that I haven't thanked you for Thursday night. It was a great evening and I hope to see you both again very soon, we will definitely be begging you to come back and give us more.
Steve Cooper, Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield

Comment from Japan about 'Western Highway' video
'What a nice performance ! I love it '

Comment on Facebook Slick Nich -
'It was a pleasure to listen to your amazing harmonies, thank you.'

Comment on Youtube - My Love is in America - Jim Blenkhorn

  • "Ye Gods. It's not the just that they are really good guitarists their harmonies must be the next best thing to sex, at least at my age they are.

      • beautiful blend of acoustic guitars and voices.
      • "Acoustic Cabaret – Wakefield 2010
        • Northern Sky Reviews
          …. followed up by a superb rendition of Steve Earle’s ‘Jerusalem’ by another regular, Tony Dargan, which I have to admit was one of the most emotionally charged songs I’ve heard in a long time.

          The Grand Ole Opry – April 2009

          • Today I ... went to the Opry - My very first visit to Saltburn Community Theatre, what a delightful find. A great bunch of performers, I especially liked Ruth Wells and Tony Dargan who performed together as "Blackwater" .......
          • Saltburn-by-the-Sea Forum
            • Random bits from Addingham Acoustic Blog
              • ……they followed this with Both Sides of the Tweed and in the second set sang Dancing under the Rose and finished with a superb rendition of Moonriver. Excellent

              • Ruth and Tony aka Blackwater joined by yours truly performing one of Ruth’s composition`s "Secret" then giving us a superb rendition of a Show of hands number that had them both singing different to each other. They had the good sense at this point to forewarn us in case we thought that it was a mistake, as if!! In the second set we had "What a wonderful world” and a great sing-along that had the whole pub singing, a Dougie Maclean number Singing land, excellent stuff.

              • …..In the first half they treated us to a debut for them, Karine Polwart's "Waterlily". This was a great showcase for Blackwater's trademark chiming Lowden guitars and harmony vocals--very nice indeed. This was followed by an ecological call to arms in the form of Steve Knightley's "Cold Heart of England" which rails against the destruction of the British countryside; a noble sentiment and a great song. In the second half, Tony and Ruth worked their Blackwater magic on Steve Earle's "Jerusalem" before finishing with a beautiful arrangement of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time". Worth the price of admission alone and my highlight of the evening. Great stuff guys! (At this point I would Like to mention that no-one makes a fuss about the fact that Blackwater use two capos-- admittedly they are on two different guitars...)

              • …. honing some new material which was aired tonight. “Magadelene Laundry” a sad poignant song but with inspired singing and accompaniment was a joy. Their next offering at the altar of A.A was a new song fresh from rehearsal, an old Bowie classic” Life on Mars” WOW first and crackin' version.
              • ….. with a Steve Earle song “Jerusalem” quickly followed by Billy Braggs “Between the Wars” encouraged by the quality of this material R&T were encouraged to give us an encore with a Drever, Woomble?, and MCcusker number “Hope to See” in which Tony casually stops playing and then just drops back in. (Showoff) Great set!!.

              • ….. Blackwater with a Robert Noonan song THE DAY I SAW BO DIDDLEY IN WASHINGTON SQUARE. Robert who? That got you didn’t it! Robert Noonan, better known as American singer songwriter Wille Nile, The song is from his 5th album “Streets of New York” released in 2006. I thought everybody knew that! Great song you guys. This was followed by Natalie Merchants’ MOTHERLAND released in 2001. Motherland achieved Gold on the Billboard charts after debuting at No. 30 on the Billboard 200. As always with Tony and Ruth an absolutely flawless performance. Regretfully they didn’t have any CD’s with them (that’s a small plastic silver disc that fits into a laser CD player for our older members who still play with needles or even just smoke dope).

              Ian Swinburne - YouTube

              • I Went By - This a song by a man who gets mentioned a lot on our site as we see him as our only rival, it is of course Jools Holland, well done Jools, this is a
              lovely song by one of our favourite Duos Blackwater, Ruth and Tony can do no wrong in our eye's, we love ‘em.
              • Life on Mars - Excellent performance of a fantastic song. Great chords, lovely harmonies, nice easy delivery - really enjoyed it. All the best. Paul Tilley
              • Birdhouse in Your Soul - The quirky They Might Be Giants song given a spectacular workout by our favorites’ from Wakefield.
              • The Setting - Not only is it a lovely piece of music, it’s really clever as well, two songs meet near the end and mingle in perfect harmony
              • Lowlands of Holland - Another lovely slice of Blackwater magic, this song suits them so well it could have been written for them, Ruth and Tony set such a high standard it’s little wonder they are starting to get some prestigious support slots with some big names.
              • I Need You - Every now and then someone will take a Beatles song and take it to a new fresh place it’s never been before, if you’re like us you will feel a tingle down your spine as this George Harrison song suddenly brims with emotion you never felt before, even though this song is very familiar to all Beatles fans. Tony and Ruth we salute you.
              • Secret - Tony and Ruth set the new gold standard for Duo's, playing what was one of the most enjoyable and musically interesting sets Loftus has witnessed at the Station since-------it’s no good we can’t think of anything that comes close. Great guitar work and vocals, and don’t forget real harmony’s as well


              • ROGET: What a fantastic vocalist, shades of Joan Baez, and the great authentic sound of FOLK, Roget ( Reverb Artist )
              • Nammidagur: wow. You guys are awesome!

              Northern Sky Reviews

              • Tony Dargan is a fine interpreter of good songs, having been blessed with enquiring ears and impeccable taste.

              • of Eleanor McEvoy…..and probably her most famous song Only A Woman's Heart, for which she invited Ruth Wells up to duet on showing yet another side to
              this remarkable woman, that of a wonderfully generous musician.

              Dick Gaughan about Ruth

              • 'You've got one helluva good voice'

              Gordon Giltrap

              • Ruth is a very fine guitarist

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