Dec 1: It's sooo gooooood! wish I have got opportunity to see you guys live I bet it's gonna be amazing!!
Gwendolyn Glenn - N1M

Dec 1: Now I'm definitely looking forward to the new songs, LOW SEASON IS A MARVEL.
Annette Stiffler - N1M

Nov 30: One word sums up the creativity, style, and music...AMAZING!!!!!! :)
Jorge Bradley (California) - N1M

Nov 30: Holy god, When I first listened to RAGLAN ROAD that was amazing. You guys are the best there ever was and the best there ever will be!! I can't wait to see you live!
Mary Sowa (Canada) N1M

Nov 29: "Raglan Road", I love this tune so much! It kept me hooked and I kept listening to it on replay.
Alison Macondray (Texas) N1M

Nov 28: I'm listening on No.1 to your music right this second! I LOVE it!
Rochel Wesley (Pittsburgh) N1M

Herschel Tillman - N1M

Nov 25: While I'm thankful for your music here on numberonemusic I want to pay for the album on itunes you deserve my money. Im gonna search for it right now. cheers!
Alison McCondray (Texas) on N1M

Hi!your music is absolutely awesome and reflects my mood for today. i will follow your updates here and share your stuff as often as i can..all the best!!
Cornell Cantu on N1M

Nov 22: Thank you, because magic may not be real.. but your songs are truly magical!
Irma Geiger (Michigan) on N1M

Nov 17: I´ve been listening to Blackwater´s new CD Shadowstone and it is great! Ruth and Tony have such lovely voices and are such accomplished musicians. There are some songs they did recently at the Folk Club at the Matrix Madhouse. Hard to know which is my favourite but maybe it is Whitsuntide Dancers. Or maybe it is Raglan Road. Or maybe - no, I'd better stop now, I could go on!
Heather Gingele - English Folk Club, Spain

Nov 16: Thank you so much for sending us a copy of your Shadowstone CD. We´ve played it through a number of times this afternoon and have thoroughly enjoyed listening to a well produced album. Four songs in particular have stood out for us: Raglan Road, Whitsuntide Dancers, Between The Wars and Mally Didn´t Come.Throughout the album the harmonies and instrumental accompaniments are superb.
Best wishes
Steve and Heather xx (English Folk Club in Spain)

Nov 15: Listening to your new cd, love it, thank you !!! X Played it non stop all afternoon X
Marion McGrath

Nov 15: We've just played your new CD a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done to the both of you for a lovely selection of songs and to Dave and Eileen for the recording and subtle accompaniment.
Eric Johnson - Organiser of the Croppers Folk Club

May 2014: Still selling well, had another run produced ready for Cleckheaton and Otley Folk Festivals.

29th September: We've sold out of VANDERPOOL CD's. Just organising another run - should be back in stock next week.

A belated thanks to Blackwater for their hard work in the recording studio recently. I have NEVER had such a well-rehearsed and polished performance as these two! All their songs down in one day and the whole job done in less than two. If everyone works that fast, I'll be bankrupt! The CD sounds great of course!
Alistair Russell (Glade Recording Studios)

Got your new CD, Vanderpool, on Wednesday night and it's excellent as was expected. We think it will be worn out by the weekend! A great choice of material well performed and produced. Good luck with sales of Vanderpool, sure it will be a hit with all your fans. Thanks for sharing your music and talent.
Eric & Carol – Croppers Folk Club, Cleckheaton

Hi, I just want to let you know how much I love the new album. I've played it continually since I got it. Can't wait for the next one. If you're gigging locally let me know would love to come. x Chris Goldthorpe

Big congratulations on your wonderful CD. It is expertly done and I’m sure will be very well received by one and all. Well done you.
Love Frank (Keenan)

All the best wishes for the launch of your new studio album, I'm delighted to see that your doing so well, you deserve much more recognition and lots of success. Stan Graham

just occurred to me that I have been listening to you new CD Vanderpool in the car for weeks now and I haven't said how much I have enjoyed it --its wonderful, and its a good representation of your live sound as well -- congratulations.
Ian Swinburne

....And me too ! Love it , and we haven't stopped playing it since your great performance in Wrenthorpe! thank you for the music .....
Susan Cantillon

Blackwater Live
Contains 11 tracks
Recorded live by Andy J at the British Oak in Outwood in May 2011. Only £5.00

blackwater melodic acoustica, ruth ruth dargan tony dargan blackwater, tony dargan, harmonies, folk, acoustic, duo, singing, lowden guitars, life on mars

Blackwater Sampler

CD containing 6 tracks: 4 from VANDERPOOL and 2 from BLACKWATER LIVE. Available to promoters or festival/folk club organisers by request

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